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Treat Tree Pollen Allergies the Natural Way with Bioresonance Therapy

Tree pollen allergy is one of the common allergy types, and anyone who suffers from the symptoms knows how annoying and painful it can be.

Tree Pollen Allergy

Tree pollen is a powdery substance produced by the trees, flowers, grasses, and weeds to fertilise other plants. Our immune system can sometimes mistakenly considers harmless pollen as a possible threat to our health which causes an allergic reaction.

People with pollen allergies can face the symptoms of sneezing, red swelling eyes, and itchiness in the various parts of the body. Phoenix palm, red maple, silver maple, sycamore, walnut, and willow are the worst allergens.

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Symptom Relief

Medications can only reduce the symptoms of allergy, it will not eradicate it completely from your body. A natural way of de-sensitising your body from pollen allergies is to use Bioresonance Therapy.

This therapy focuses on electromagnetic waves present in the patient’s body. These electromagnetic waves can be ‘reprogrammed’ by the Mora Nova, by testing the body’s reaction to certain pollen allergens that may be causing the symptoms and using that data to retrain how your body reacts.

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