The Mora Nova Equipment

The basic version can be optionally extended according to a modular principle.

Depending on your needs, single modules can be purchased. Furthermore, there are different diagnosis possibilities and electronically stored substances (e.g. allergenic substances, nutrients, nosodes etc.) which can be used for testing or treatment.

  • Two channel technology
  • Frequencies 0.1Hz – 1MHz
  • Aid 0.1 – 1.000.000
  • Built-in PC
  • Touch screen
  • Easy transport (weight 7 – 8 Kg)
  • Connect to a network with a central database capability
  • Upgrades over the Internet
  • Embedded treatment programs
  • Control of substances and organs through special tests
  • Totally user-friendly; a MORA® unit, a pc, an interface and an amplifier all in one