Biophysical Testing for Allergies and Bioresonance Therapy

An allergy develops in the body when the body’s immune system reacts to substances called allergens in the environment. Biophysical testing can help diagnose these allergies, making it easier to manage.


These substances can be found in dust mites, pets, pollen, insects, moulds, foods, and in particular medications. Allergies can cause severe symptoms such as wheezing, chest tightness, abdominal pain shortness of breath, and cough.

Biophysical Testing

Biophysical testing for allergies proves helpful to determine which particular type of pollens, moulds, or other substances you’re allergic or intolerant to.

Bioresonance therapists will not only search for the allergens causing these symptoms but will also treat chronic allergies and any other toxic build up in your body. Bioresonance is a biophysical process of testing and healing patients by using the body electromagnetic frequencies for therapy and restoring the frequency of self-regulation and natural healing.

This process gives you long-term resistance and healing power so that you can lead a healthy life.

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